Reasons why mobile games are still cool

Many console game players will typically say that mobile games are not so cool. They mostly discuss how bad it is to play them on their device. They don’t even take it serious. Developers are even getting tired of making more, since their designs are usually ripped off and cloned.
This post is not about how cheap it can be compared to others. But, its feature can be something one should never miss.
Below, there are few facts that proofs, it still makes sense to play them.

Mobile Game Stores Are Unique

cool mobile games

Have you visit Amazon, Walmart or any online store? They are different from Google app store, IOS or even windows mobile. You can see both free and paid games listed. There is an option to select top grossing ones, new updated and many more. This actually shows mobile has so many games for anyone to play. You can just conclude and say there are fewer ones for your device.
You need to go back and search, then rethink on what you said earlier.
Furthermore, you can’t find those games listed that way on any of those online shopping stores.
You don’t need a floppy disk or compact disk to get them. You can either download them if they are freely or pay before you can.

Console game takes time to fix
Have you wonder why a bug in a console game can take up to a year before it is fixed?
That can’t happen in mobile games. They receive updates regularly which fix every error that might have been present.
Developers of console games spent so many times in making games with super cool designs. But it becomes hard to solve an issue that shows up. Sometimes an additional license might be required to fix it. And that might cost some money, which is above the budget of the developer.

Excess Digital Distribution

Any mobile game released today is usually distributed in so many websites. Even a particular bad one can be seen in hundreds of websites. This is usually most of them are free and can be designed with tools that requires little to no expenses.’

Take Good for the Bad
If you don’t like a particular mobile game, you should search for another. These days, there are so many available for everyone ranging from action, sports, adventure, etc. You shouldn’t conclude that all mobile games aren’t cool when you just played less than 50.

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