How to install Game Killer on Android

Whenever you have spare time, the best thing to do is to play an android game. Ones like Township, Clash of Clans are interested for anyone to run on their device.
With Game Killer you will be able to remove ads and get lots of goodies in the specific game which you tend to play.
However, it works for rooted device. So, if your device doesn’t have root access, you have to get an app called iRoot. It is the best so far that works on any device powered by MTK.

How to get and install iRoot

iroot app
Mainly, some devices don’t need this. You have to check if you have a developer ROM present on yours. I am referring to users that have Redmi Note 4 phones.
Others have to follow these steps to do theirs;

  1. Go to Google and search for iRoot official download page
  2. Install it on your personal or portable computer
  3. Connect your device using a working USB on the appropriate PC port
  4. Run the installed app, then click connect.
  5. Wait for it to download some important stuff required for your device.
  6. Click root, then wait few minutes to complete
  7. After completion, your device will reboot.

Once the process finish, you see some files installed on your gadget. Don’t remove anyone of them. Just move to the next interesting part.

This part involved installing Game Killer. At this stage, your device most be rooted and ready with enough space.

How to install Game Killer

game killer apk

  1. Search for the right page to download Game Killer app
  2. Install and run it on your device
  3. Minimize it and open the game you want to get unlimited stuffs on
  4. Click on Game Killer icon on your top bar, then click search number and enter the number you like
  5. If it shows many values, restart the game again, until you see a single value.
  6. Keep doing this for all games you like to have free currency on.

The above steps are better for only android device. You must not attempt any of this on windows mobile, ios or on any device that is not powered by Google.
In case you install the wrong file and it alters the operation of your device, you must format the entire phone.

I think this is actually all you have to know concerning the app for rooting and the one for getting stuffs in any game. Be advised that known of this is applied or written on my article about pixel gun 3d gems and coins hack.

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