How to get more coins in subway surfers

Hi guys, I’m sure most of you Subway Surfers players are unhappy about coins. You can’t buy enough items or characters with them, right? Today I’ll help you get more coins in the game Subway Surfers and also win in the HD game.

First of all, let me explain what this currency is used for. Coins are used to purchase different costumes for your character and some other stuff too. But, it’s not a very useful currency at all. And that’s why people want to earn more coins!

How to get more coins in Subway Surfers:

1) Every day that you play the game (at least once), do the daily challenge. Opening that will earn you 15 free coins. If you do not open it one day, it goes away. So if you don’t want to miss coins, make sure you open them every day!

2) Do NOT spend the coins on new characters or costumes. They are way too expensive and just not worth buying. Spend them only on power-ups that you can use for one run only. An example is Hoverboard, Magnet, Coin Doubler, etc.

subway surfers coins

Note: The power-up that requires 50 coins is very important! You’ll always need this… so keep your coins high enough to purchase it every time!

3) Share with friends! Every friend you invite will give you goodies in exchange. If they play Subway Surfers, their activities will raise your score too. More points mean more coins at the end of the game! So invite your friends and tell them to do so, too. That will give you more coins than any other tip here!

4) Connect one of your social networks (Facebook or Twitter) and connect Subway Surfers with it. You’ll get 50 coins for that.

5) Coins Doubler: This is the best purchase ever. Once you buy this power-up it doubles all coins you collect during a run. Look for it in the shop. It’s always available there! Once you’ve bought it all coins collected during a run double, including those from daily events, etc.

6) Watch videos: There are some affiliates such as YouTube players who play Subway Surfers and earn money through ads displayed during the play, sharing links, etc. To watch a video and earn some coins!

7) The last way to get more coins in Subway Surfers is by using our generator that you can buy from us or download for free. It will give you an unlimited amount of Coins in Subway Surfers.

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