How to earn more game Pigeon coins

In this article, I will tell you how to earn more Game Pigeon coins.

It’s a great game but it can be hard to get coins without buying them or using your gems and that is what we do not want to do! So here are some tips! Read on if you want to learn more about pigeons.

game pigeon coins

1) Do daily activities: Every day there is a new daily activity so just go into the app every day and do one of them! If you don’t play every day then instead try doing it once a week at least. You need 7+ stars per day for these activities; just keep playing until you have enough stars to do one activity. It can take about 15-45 minutes to get 7 stars every day depending on how well you play the game.

2) Do the daily spin: Every day you should check how many coins you won in the daily spin because it is different every day! If you don’t play every day then instead try doing it once a week at least. You could win between 500-2000 pigeons each time! (It’s better to play more often then, though!)

3) Quests: Some quests give out pigeons if you select them in your quest box. Just press ‘Select Quest’ and pick one that looks good to do, there are no bad quests so just continue picking until there is a quest with 500 pigeons! Sometimes some quests give you 500 gems instead of 500 pigeons but just do them anyways; your gems can go towards more coins! You can use the coin to refill the coin master mod version.

4) Miscellaneous: There are also other ways to get pigeons like mystery bag gifts and clicking on treasure chests. Try not to keep gems because you might need them for coins! When you have some extra time you can upgrade nests or play bird games (to earn more stars), this will help boost your coin earnings too.

The maximum amount of coins possible in-game pigeon is 9999999999. You can’t buy anything with all those coins, it is impossible! So don’t worry about spending money on buying stuff, there is no need to spend real-life money unless you want to. Just keep playing and you’ll eventually get all the items that are available in-game pigeons without spending any money at all!

That is all I have, for now, thanks for reading this article. Make sure you reach out to me if you encounter any issues. I am always ready to help you.

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